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Negotiation Training Customized to the Needs of Your Sales Group

S.A.B.'s Sales Negotiations program gives your sales team the framework and skills they need to close more deals at higher price points, achieve win-win outcomes and create sustainable, profitable relationships. Taught by dynamic Harvard instructors, we customize your program to address the key issues and challenges unique to your sales organization. Designed to be highly interactive, our programs increase self-awareness and allow participants to both learn from our facilitators AND each other. Key outcomes include:

Fundamentals of Sales Negotiation

In this foundation-level workshop, we focus on the fundamentals of how to develop a negotiation strategy and move from being reactive in negotiations to being a proactive negotiator in control of the conversation. We teach a proven methodology for preparing an effective negotiation strategy before you walk into the negotiation, enabling you to create a stronger negotiation position. Modules covered include:

  • Preparing for Negotiations: The 7 Principals for Successful Sales Negotiation Strategies
  • The Negotiators Tool-Box: Getting Past No and Creating Agreement
  • The Psychology of Negotiations: Leveraging Different Personality Profiles in Negotiation
  • Power and Persuasion: 5 Sources of Power and Alternative Pathways to Persuasion
  • The #1 Rule of Negotiations

Advanced Sales Negotiations

For more experienced negotiators, our advanced program explores the latest techniques for complex multi-dimensional negotiations and negotiating across different cultures. We also focus on how to communicate effective value propositions and handle difficult negotiating situations.

  • Negotiating the Quote: Moving the Conversation from Price to Value
  • Multi-Dimensional Negotiations: Negotiating in Multi-Party, Multi-Cultural Environments
  • Negotiate with a Team or as a Group
  • Effectively Negotiating Across Cultures
  • Handling Difficult Negotiations without Harming Relationships

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