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Negotiation Training Customized to Meet the Needs of Your Group

In a world of competitive quotes and strategic sourcing, buyers need to be sophisticated negotiators to press their advantage, negotiate better terms and develop long-term relationships with key suppliers. Developing and implementing a proactive negotiation strategy puts the buyer in a better position to lower costs and cultivate a strong negotiation position.

Fundamentals of Procurement Negotiation

Our Fundamentals of Negotiations seminar gives your team the tools they need to prepare more effectively, negotiate with confidence and under stand supplier negotiation tactics. This allows your team to nurture and build key business relationships while crafting winning deals for everyone involved.

Developing a Procurement Negotiations Strategy
  • 7 Elements of Successful Procurement Negotiations
  • Understand Each Party's Interests
  • Generate Options to Maximize Value
  • Use Standards to Create Power
Persuasive Communication Tools
  • The Persuasive Power of Listening Actively
  • Understand the Effect of Emotions on Negotiation
  • Recognize How Personality Controls Decision-Making
  • Make the Argument Your Counterpart Wants to Hear
The Procurement Negotiator's Tool-Box
  • Reverse Risk to Maximize Agreement
  • Using Yes-Able Propositions
  • Create a Strong Negotiation Position
  • Deal with Difficult Negotiators

Advanced Procurement Negotiations

As a follow up to our Fundamentals of Negotiations seminar, in our advanced course we explore more complex negotiations topics relating to RFP and RFQ strategies, single source supplier situations and navigating multi-party and cross-cultural negotiations.

The RFP as Strategy: Establishing Successful Parameters Before You Begin
  • Apply the Seven Crucial Elements of Negotiation to an RFP Context
  • Use RFP Quotes to Develop Standards
  • Weigh an Incumbent Supplier Against a Newcomer
  • Negotiate with Multiple Vendors
Multi-Dimensional and Global Negotiations
  • Negotiate with a Team or as a Group
  • Negotiate When Your Counterpart is a Team or Group
  • Handling Negotiations with Multiple Parties
  • Identify and Respond to Cross-Cultural Tensions
  • Negotiate Effectively Across Cultures
  • Handle Difficult Negotiations without Harming Relationships

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