Onsite Negotiation Skills Training

For companies and institutions seeking to improve negotiation skills within their organizations, we specialize in developing customized training program solutions for Sales, Procurement, Contracts, Labor and Business Negotiations as well as Cross-Cultural and International Negotiations.

Sales Negotiations:
Increase Sales Volume, Marging and Frequency While Enhancing Relationships

S.A.B.’s Sales Negotiations program gives your sales team the framework and skills they need to close more deals at higher price points, achieve win-win outcomes and create sustainable, profitable relationships.

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Procurement Negotiations:
Negotiate Lower Costs, Reduced Risk and Improved Terms

In a world of competitive quotes and strategic sourcing, buyers need to be sophisticated negotiators to press their advantage, negotiate better terms and develop long-term relationships with key suppliers. Developing and implementing a proactive negotiation strategy puts the buyer in a better position to lower costs and cultivate a strong negotiation position.

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Contract Negotiations:
Effectively Manage Complex Contract Negotiations

Purchasing groups negotiate for more than simply price, and they receive more than just products and services in exchange. A buyer must also know how to negotiate the more nuanced subjects of a contract, including terms and conditions that change the value of a deal. A successful buyer must be familiar with how payment terms, liability clauses, deadlines, insurance requirements and more can mean the difference between a success and a failure in negotiation. Like all of our programs, Elements of Contracts is customized to your specific purchasing group’s needs and designed to be highly interactive, allowing the participants to apply the skills we teach in scenarios relevant to your situation.

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How many people do you hope to train?
How many people do you hope to train?

S.A.B.'s Customization Process

Customized to your specific needs and designed to be highly interactive, our programs allow the participants to immediately apply the skills we teach to their real world situations.

Stage 1

Data Collection

Your team is surveyed regarding issues and challenges faced in current and anticipated negotiations.

Data collected in surveys analyzed by S.A.B. in consultation with your staff.

Stage 2


Content and cases are customized and tailored to the needs of participants based upon negotiation issues identified in the first stage.

Specific case studies developed to address the key negotiation issues faced by your team.

Stage 3


Fully customized training program delivered based on your team’s needs.

Strong emphasis on participatory and experimental learning.

Stage 4


Post-training analysis to assess training impact.

Continuing post-program support available on an ongoing basis.